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Experience Leadership Unlocked, a personal challenge crafted to guide you through a transformative journey.

Throughout the challenge, you'll delve into questions about your leadership identity, goals, and purpose. 

What you'll gain

Gain clarity on your current leadership skills
Define your vision for your leadership journey
Craft a clear, personalized growth path aligned with your goals


How it works

Once you’ve decided to take the challenge you’ll receive an email from me with a video tutorial, your own Leadership Unlocked worksheet and instructions on what to do next. 

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The challenge will help you 

Discover the main challenges you face and what you can do to overcome them
Identify things you’d like to change or improve on regarding your leadership
Better understand yourself and the stories you tell yourself about how you lead
Commit to objectives you want to achieve both in leadership and your personal life


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What others say

I really enjoyed going through the Leadership Unlocked sessions with Clayton. It really gave me the opportunity to reflect on some challenges and future progression planning. I found Clayton to be extremely authentic which made the whole process feel easy and enabled me to feel understood. Highly recommend the Leadership Unlocked programme, it took minimal of my time but really pushed me to reflect and take ownership of my actions. 

Thanks again Clayton.

Sam Chilvers 
Head of Contact Centre and Business Support
Solicitors Regulation Authority

I've just been through Clayton's 'leadership unlocked' challenge. I have to say it was a brilliant way to start the year thinking about goals and objectives I'd like to achieve this year. Clayton asked me some challenging questions and asked me to think about why I was heading in a certain direction and what I really wanted to do. At the end of the experiment I came away with a one pager summarizing my goals nicely for me in a way that I can continue to work on over the year. 

Clayton was supportive and the debrief was great as well.

Nathan Whitbread
Speak & Founder

I would recommend Clayton and his leadership challenge. It was unexpected and brilliant. Having time to really think critically about yourself and your approach to leadership, is so helpful. It is refreshing to challenge the way you think and work. Definitely block out some time to think about the questions Clayton brings, because the roadmap produced is a great guide.

Samantha Grainger 
Senior Team Manager
ICS - digital