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Unlock the leader within you in just 90 days!

Join our transformative leadership development program and discover how to harness your influence, ignite your passion, and lead with purpose, ensuring you not only excel but truly love what you do.

Great leaders are authentic, influential, and catalysts for positive change. 

Elevate your leadership prowess with our intensive 90-day Leadership Accelerator program, designed for successful leaders who aspire to inspire and excel.

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What you'll gain

Unlock your leadership potential

Enhance your current performance to achieve peak results.
Maximize your influence and followership, driving enthusiasm and commitment.
Bridge the gap to your ideal leadership role.
Expand your leadership toolkit, enabling you to excel in any situation.
Embark on a transformational journey


How it works

I'm here to help you break free from self-doubt and limiting beliefs, empowering you to harness your existing strengths and become an exceptional leader.

It's easy to join. Simply enroll for Leadership Accelerator online and book your first session. Prepare to be open, honest, and ready to learn.

Ready to elevate your leadership?

This program will challenge your beliefs about leadership, ignite self-awareness, and empower you to reach your true potential

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What others say

I've had coaching sessions with Clayton and find them enjoyable, valuable and insightful. Clayton is extremely passionate about his work and his enthusiasm for coaching leaders is refreshing. His approach to developing leaders is motivating and I have really benefited from working with him.

Carly - Corporate Services Manager

Clayton has very well thought out initiatives on topics that will always need valuable input from talented and experienced professionals. His experience in leadership and management is highly visibile and he manages to mix theoretical knowledge with experience that makes the outcome unique. Thank you Clayton for your help and support. 

Alexandra - Operations Manager

5 Stars just isn’t enough! Clayton has been instrumental in my work journey and has imparted skills and insights that I will use for the rest of my life. He has such a simple way of breaking down and assessing scenarios. It’s always a pleasure to work with him.

Renay - Client Relations Lead